Increase the value of your home

Home improvements can be tricky, but one area that experts agree on is the kitchen. In addition to making a home more attractive and more functional, a high-quality kitchen project can increase the value of the home significantly enough to pay for itself.

If you don’t plan to stay in your home indefinitely, there’s another strategic reason to consider remodeling the kitchen: new home builders tend to spend more heavily in their kitchens and bathrooms than in any other rooms in the home. With a newly updated kitchen, your home can compete attractively with new construction in your area.


Choose Us for your Next Project! 

Not all kitchen remodels are created equal, however. Poor planning or over-spending can actually reduce your home’s competitive position in the marketplace, and can reduce the return on your home improvement investment.

That’s why your first priority should be to work with a professional, experienced residential construction contractor on kitchen remodels. NW Finishing and General Construction has more than a decade of residential construction experience in King and Pierce counties. We know what makes a home attractive to live in, and what home buyers are looking for.

Our experienced design professionals can create a range of options for your new kitchen. We take the time to learn what you want and need from your home, and create designs that improve the appearance and function of one of the most important rooms in your home.

For example, custom cabinets can significantly improve the value of your home. Most new construction builders use lower-grade or off-the-shelf cabinetry. These cabinets wear faster and perform poorly over time because they’re built from lower-grade materials. Custom cabinets offer better construction and durability, and open a wide range of decorating options for your home. Further, they are unique to your home. They’ll work well for you, and when it comes time to sell, they’ll attract buyers who recognize the inherent value they bring to the home.


Quality Materials mean Character 

Together we can choose the best materials for your Counters, Walls, Cabinets, Floors & more. We work with some of the best Material suppliers so you can count on us! 

If you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling, call the remodeling experts at NW Finishing and General Construction at (253) 797-5834 to set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.