Ivan Turchik founded NW Finishing and General Construction in 2006 at the low point of the housing crisis. He believes that a home is one of the best investments one can make because it can have a positive impact not only for the owner, but also for the entire community. 

With three children and a beautiful wife, Mr. Turchik knows the value of family. He also knows that a family's most precious moments take place at home. Let NW Finishing and General Construction create a beautiful place for your family's most cherished memories to happen. 


At NW Finishing and General Construction, our mission is to ensure that all of our clients live in homes that are as functional and practical as they are beautiful.  We do that by taking the time to learn about our clients' unique needs and desires, and building them into the construction plans for their homes. 

Home is more than just a place to hang your hat.  It is both a resource for today and an investment for the future. Our customized plans strive to meet each client's current needs while creatively envisioning the home's future.